It's a Filly!


A.P. Indy - Betty's Pet, By Dehere

Antony Beck


War Front

Bred To

Born at 9:36p.m. on March 24 2020

Foaling Date

Gainesway Farm


Vaulcluse20 learns to be led in and out of field

June 1st, 2020

Vaulcluse20 is progressing nicely at Gainesway Farm. She has learned how to be bathed, and how to stand for conformation pictures. She stands nicely for our farriers to trim her feet. Additionally, she is starting to lose her baby fur, which is wonderful because it has started to get pretty warm in Kentucky. 

Below is a video of Vaulcluse20 getting comfortable being led in and out of her field. This daily exercise helps her to practice having patience when there is a crowd of other horses around the gate. She will do this almost everyday during her normal turnin and turnout times. The photo is of her learning how to set up properly for conformation pictures and for shows. 

Vaulcluse was bred and is currently in foal to Curlin.

Vaulcluse20 30 days.jpg

Photo courtesy of Gainesway Farm

Weather and camera schedule

May 8th, 2020

Kentucky is due to have some cold weather this weekend so Vaulcluse and her filly will be in the stall most of the weekend. We are working to switch the cameras accordingly. 

Vaulcluse20 loves the big field and playing with her pasture buddies

May 8th, 2020

From Gainesway Farm: Vaulcluse, her filly, and her pasture buddy Courtisane20 have been moved into a bigger field with more horses. Since the weather has turned more spring like, Vaulcluse20 and all her new friends now go out in the evenings to enjoy more time outside. Gainesway Farm is a firm believer in the more time a baby foal spends outside, the better. However, a baby foal also needs to learn how to deal with people. So, every morning, they are all brought in to be looked over, groomed and have their feet picked. This will be their daily life from now until they are moved to our other part of the farm to start their life as a yearling.

Vaulcluse20 still prefers to hang out with her old pasture buddy, and they love the new field they are in. There is a fenced in area they like to play around. Below they were playing sneak and peek. Enjoy the video.