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Miss Always Ready recovery

Miss Always Ready
April 19th, 2021

Miss Always Ready is on the road to recovery after her surgery. She is working through the systematically difficult first few days after surgery, but the staff at Three Chimneys expect her to make a full recovery. Her Palace Malice filly continues to thrive with the nurse mare Beauty. 

21 Miss Always Ready & Beauty

Miss Always Ready
April 16th, 2021

21 Miss Always Ready and Beauty are doing well as a bonded mare and foal pair. Miss Always Ready is recovering well from her surgery but will need to spend at least the next 30 days on stall rest. For a complete update, watch the video below from Chris Baker at Three Chimneys Farm.

Large colon torsion

Miss Always Ready
April 15th, 2021

Large colon torsion is the most common type of colic in foaling mares. The torsion occurs because after giving birth, the mare's abdominal cavity is missing about 150 lbs of foal, placenta, and amniotic fluid. The abdominal cavity, for both horses and humans, is the largest hollow space of the body. It will take days or weeks for the mare's abdominal muscles to return to normal position. During that period, the overall space within her abdominal cavity, which holds her intestines, particularly the large colon, has a lot more room to move around, resulting in an opportunity to twist. The good news is that quick surgical intervention can correct the twist, the blood supply can be re-established, and the mare can be back to good health in 30-60 days.

For more information on large colon torsion in horses check out these sources: