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Miss Chapin's camera - 2.24.2021

Miss Chapin
February 24th, 2021

Hi, Foal Patrol fans! We understand Miss Chapin's camera is not live. We are working on this issue and hope to have it resolved soon. Thank you!

Miss Chapin Foaling Update

Miss Chapin
February 19th, 2021

Miss Chapin was due yesterday, but is still days away from foaling. Price Bell at Mill Ridge Farm took us on a live Facebook tour this morning to check out some of the mares and foals at the farm! He even found Miss Chapin at the edge of her pasture enjoying some alone time. Skip to minute 44:00 to see Miss Chapin, or watch the whole video for a lovely tour of Mill Ridge.

Miss Chapin Foaling Update

Miss Chapin
February 16th, 2021

Watch the video update from Mill Ridge farm below to see how Miss Chapin is progessing in her pregnancy! 

Update on Miss Chapin's neighbor Beer Baroness

Miss Chapin
February 11th, 2021

Has anyone noticed that Miss Chapin has a couple new neighbors as of last night? On Tuesday night at 6:01PM Beer Baroness gave birth to a dark bay or brown filly by Arrogate! The filly was born happy and healthy!

In the past, Beer Baroness has lost quality body condition post foaling, so the decision was made to bring in a nurse mare for the Arrogate filly. The nurse mare's name is Betty's Wish. Betty's Wish is a thoroughbred and a stakes winning mare who won over $200,000 on the racetrack during her career! She is owned by our very own Dr. Snyder! To stimulate milk production, Betty was given an oral paste called domperidone (not to be confused with Dom Perignon). She was also given Prostin to help simulate foaling. When Prostin is paired with the domperidone, it helps with acceptance of the new foal.

The Arrogate filly nursed the colostrum from Beer Baroness and then 18 hours post foaling, was introduced to Betty's Wish. As you can see from the live feed, Betty is behind a nurse mare gate. In the middle of that gate is a board that can be put up or taken down depending on when we want the foal to nurse. She will be behind this gate for 24-48 hours and once the foal starts nickering and Betty responds, then we are usually good to introduce the two and let them roam freely in the stall. This acceptance process is to be expected as the two get to know each other. You will find we are will be in the stall quite frequently to make sure both Betty’s Wish and baby are doing well. Because horses have a ligament in their hips that allows them to bear weight on their skeletal system, Betty’s Wish can sleep standing up behind the nurse mare gate.

Beer Baroness is doing great and is in the company of her friends! Her owner drove in the freezing rain from Cincinnati to meet the new baby and to check in on Beer Baroness. There is no shortage of carrots here on the farm so we will make sure they all get a sweet treat before bed tonight!

Miss Chapin is a "Halter Houdini"

Miss Chapin
February 4th, 2021

Miss Chapin was born January 9th, 2001 at Darby Dan Farm in Lexington, Kentucky. She is the first foal of her mother Society Dream and was a foal in the tenth crop of her father, Royal Academy. Miss Chapin’s owner, Mrs. Amerman, was able to visit her in the fall of 2001 and was in awe of her confidence and beauty. Nearly 20 years later, Mrs. Amerman can still remember that “look” that Miss Chapin gave her in 2001. Our broodmare and foaling manager, Lori Bessenbacher, was working with yearlings at Darby Dan at that time and remembers Miss Chapin’s confidence, she has always made a lasting impression.

Miss Chapin entered training with Bobby Frankel, who said to Mrs. Amerman, “You know, that filly can run a little!” Which was high praise from Bobby. Miss Chapin made her first and only start in a maiden special weight race on July 24th at Del Mar Racetrack. With David Flores aboard, Miss Chapin settled off the pace, rallied between horses in mid-stretch, and surged to the front under a brisk hand ride, winning by 2 lengths! Unfortunately, her racing career was cut short, because her knees bothered her, and she was retired to Mill Ridge farm to begin her broodmare career. Her first foal was a Holy Bull colt in 2008 and has since produced 12 foals—6 colts and 6 fillies! Her 2021 foal will be the tie breaker!

She has always made an impression on those around her, because of her confidence, class, and intelligence. She has a special reputation at Mill Ridge as one of only two mares we call “Halter Houdinis.” They don’t wear halters by choice, we tried to keep one on her, but she always managed to find a way to take it off! Funny enough, our other Halter Houdini is her daughter, Royal Fury! Miss Chapin must have taught her daughter the trick of the trade at an early age.