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Past participants: Comme Chez Soi and her 2019 Malibu Moon filly

Comme Chez Soi
June 9th, 2020

We will be sharing updates and details on the past participants from Foal Patrol Seasons 1 & 2 over the next couple weeks. Old Tavern Farm provided the following details on Comme Chez Soi19, the Malibu Moon filly from Season 2. She has been at Old Tavern Farm in various paddocks on premise throughout the past year. The last few weeks have consisted of preparations for yearling inspections. Greg Daley shared that Comme Chez Soi19 is one of their top sales prospects. Last week, she was accepted for the select Fasig sale and the Old Tavern team is deciding where she will be placed. They try to pick the best spot for their horses so they are in the top on the day they are going to sell. Watch the video below to see some of her inspection up close. 

This year in late March, Comme Chez Soi delivered a healthy Good Magic filly. In April, the mare and foal traveled out to Sally Thomas in Kentucky where Comme Chez Soi was rebred to Omaha Beach. Comme Chez Soi is doing well and will travel back to Old Tavern sometime in June. 

Farrier work

Comme Chez Soi
February 6th, 2020

Farriers are the professionals who care for the horse’s hooves. They are an important part of the equine management team. Most farriers are familiar with specific breeds of horses and their needs by studying at a training school, serving an apprenticeship, and then becoming licensed or certified. This extensive hands-on training is vital to becoming a professional farrier.

Hoof care is very important for thoroughbred horses. Picking, trimming and shoeing are general aspects of hoofcare. Below Old Tavern Farm broodmare manager, Trina Pasckvale shares how the yearlings at the farm get regular hoof care. In the video, Comme Chez Soi’19 is getting a regular trim and being sales prepped for the spring. Yearlings get a trim approximately once a month and that is done on a regular basis to keep them correct.  

Comme Chez Soi19 is weaned and happy with paddock mates

Comme Chez Soi
September 17th, 2019

Comme Chez Soi19 has been weaned and she is doing well with all her buddies and paddock mates at Old Tavern Farm. Greg Daley shares an update on her and the mare, Comme Chez Soi below. 

Porkchop and Walter, the cat are also content. Walter takes good care of the barn and Porkchop stays with the chickens when he isn't trying to "rearrange" the landscaping. Enjoy their photos below.  

Comme Chez Soi and filly at Old Tavern Farm in the summer

Comme Chez Soi
August 8th, 2019

Trina Pasckvale, Broodmare Manager at Old Tavern Farm drove us over to their nearby paddock to check in on four mares and foals. The foals are quite social with one another and said hello when we arrived. Trina greets them and sprays them down with bug spray as flies and bugs can be an issue in the summertime heat. She does so quite often to ensure they stay comfortable. Comme Chez Soi and filly were taking in the summer air and Comme Chez Soi19 was quite sweet but particularly playful with Trina, nipping at her toes. Check out the video below for an update from the farm.


Comme Chez Soi and filly back at Old Tavern Farm

Comme Chez Soi
June 25th, 2019

We are thrilled to tell you Comme Chez Soi and her filly are back at Old Tavern Farm! Comme Chez Soi19 is now 4 months old. Here is a clip of Comme Chez Soi and her filly at the National Museum of Racing Farm Tour over the weekend. They were fan favorites to a sold out crowd!!