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Welcome to Foal Patrol Season 5! Check in here for our latest mare and foal updates and season announcements.

From Kentucky

June 30th, 2022

Floripa and her Vekoma filly are happy and well in Kentucky. You could easily spot the pair in any pasture, but they are pictured here with other Old Tavern Farm mares shipped to Kentucky for breeding with their foals in tow. Floripa and Floripa 22 are scheduled to ship back home to New York within the month. 

Old Tavern Farm was a part of Foal Patrol through every season, cultivating a group of loyal followers from the beginning. We thank Old Tavern for its commitment to breeding and raising Thoroughbreds. Their participation in Foal Patrol for five years is a testament to their desire to educate and connect as many people as possible to these horses’ lives and welfare. We wish the farm, its staff, and its horses all the best.

From Repeta & Repeta 22

June 29th, 2022

We hope you enjoy this final clip of the season featuring Repeta and her Volatile filly. The striking pair are content at Three Chimneys, with Repeta in the early weeks of her pregnancy and Repeta 22 thriving at her mother's side. Repeta 22 will likely be weaned in late August/early September, and we send happy and well wishes to this mom and filly for a great summer and all that follows. 

We extend our thanks to Three Chimneys Farm for being a part of Foal Patrol through each of its five seasons. Foal Patrol followers have learned much from you as you opened your farm and broodmare operations to the world and answered many important questions from fans of all ages. Thank you for your continued support, commitment to education and outreach, and all that you do to ensure the best possible care for your horses. Your dedicated Foal Patrol fans wish your team and horses the very best. 


June 29th, 2022

As we shared last week, Elate is progressing well in her current pregnancy. Elate 22 is as energetic as ever, spending much of his time turned out with mares and foals he has shared a pasture with for nearly three months. Elate 22 will be weaned later this summer, around 5 months of age, along with some of his pasture buddies also foaled in early to mid-March. 

As Elate 22 leads the way with his mom for turnout, followed by some of their pasture mates, we hope you enjoy this final clip of the season of Elate with her lovely Speightstown colt. 

We thank Claiborne Farm for sharing Elate and Elate 22 with Foal Patrol fans, for all their work and support in this and prior seasons, and for their ongoing effort to progress the breed. We wish the farm, horses, and crew all the best.


More news

June 28th, 2022

We are pleased to post that Repeta is currently pregnant at 24 days post breeding. She was bred to Not This Time as planned, and Three Chimneys' Chris Baker provides more on that pairing choice in the video below posted earlier this season. Foal Patrol congratulates Repeta, and her many followers wish her the absolute best in the upcoming months. Click here for more information on Not This Time.

Bye from Baby Bunny

Spanish Bunny
June 28th, 2022

As we posted here yesterday, Spanish Bunny is content and well at Gainesway, entering her second month of pregnancy. For more information on gestation through all three trimesters, visit the Breeding/Reproduction Blog of our Season 5 Education Site

We waited a long time for "Baby Bunny" to arrive this winter, and Foal Patrol thanks Gainesway for giving us the chance to share Spanish Bunny and her Uncle Mo colt with their dedicated Foal Patrol fans. Spanish Bunny 22 continues to enjoy overnight turnout with his pasture buddies, all foaled around the same time, including his best pasture buddy, Money Huntress 22. Spanish Bunny 22 will be weaned in the next few weeks along with his pasture mates. The farm staff will wait for a mild day, and after the group is weaned, they will remain in their current barn while their mothers are moved to another field with other mares at about the same point in their current pregnancies.

Foal Patrol thanks Gainesway Farm for giving us insight into broodmare operations and for the many opportunities to learn more about the care and management of mares and foals. Thank you for all your hard work and an awesome season, and best wishes to your crew, broodmares, stallions, and horses of all ages. 

Enjoy this final clip of the season from Baby Bunny at Gainesway.