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Third Trimester Nutrition with Magical World

Magical World
January 28th, 2020

Magical World is two and a half weeks out from her predicted foaling date and progressing well. Chris Baker shares an in-depth video of her while discussing the nutritional needs of mares in the third trimester (the last three months of pregnancy) and the significant growth that occurs during that time. He also addresses pre-foaling vaccinations and how they increase the antibody count that is passed onto the foal through colostrum (the first milk).

Enjoy Magical World and her paddock mates out in the field at Three Chimneys Farm.

Gun Runner at the Pegasus World Cup

Gun Runner
January 23rd, 2020

In 2018, Gun Runner, ridden by Florent Geroux, won the Pegasus World Cup. It was a monumental event as it was the final race of his career and a remarkable fifth consecutive win following his Breeder's Cup Classic victory. Below is footage from Gun Runner's final race. 

His trainer, Steve Asmussen said "For him to come through like he did in the Pegasus, I'm just so proud of the horse. What a dream come true he is. He's just a special individual."

The Pegasus World Cup will be held at Gulfstream Park this Saturday, January 25, 2020.

Gun Runner's daily schedule

Gun Runner
January 21st, 2020

Gun Runner is preparing for his breeding season to begin in early February but at this time, he has a pretty regulated daily schedule. Rebecca Nicholson at Three Chimneys Farm provides an overview:

Gun Runner comes into his stall from 7:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. each day. He comes in each morning for several reasons. He gets his temperature taken, feet picked out, and is examined closely for any changes in his physical appearance or attitude. He is also fed, groomed and shown to prospective breeders during these hours. As you may have noticed, Gun Runner also LOVES his naps. When the stallions come inside they enjoy relaxing in the comfort of their stalls where they get a break from environmental conditions.  

Gun Runner is taken out of his stall around 8:30 each morning to be groomed. Our stallions are shown frequently to breeders during the day, and we want them looking their best and brightest at all times. When Gun Runner leaves his stall during the late morning hours, he is typically being shown to prospective breeders. It is important for breeders to examine our stallions to make sure their conformation and physical attributes compliment that of their mare.

Around 1 p.m. he is turned out to his paddock and stays there overnight. 

Below is a video of Stallion Manager, Sandy Hatfield explaining his daily schedule a bit more. 

Camera feed hours for Foal Patrol

January 21st, 2020

Hello Foal Patrol fans. Currently, the participating mares are turned out for most of the day, and the paddock cameras are live from approximately 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. There is no camera feed at night. 

Once the mares get closer to their foaling dates, they will be brought inside for further monitoring. We will adjust the camera location and schedules accordingly. Details for each mare will be available on their individual page and updated on their daily schedule. 

Enjoy the horses in their natural environment (sometimes beyond camera view) leading up to the deliveries.